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Federal state unitary enterprise
"Research & development institute of mechanical engineering"
Stroiteley St., 72, Sverdlovsk region, Nizhnyaya Salda, 624740, Russia

Phone: (34345) 3-61-98, 3-64-59
Fax: (34345) 3-17-03, 3-06-54

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vladimir A. Volkov

Head of advanced products development and realization division:

- Development and realization management of general technical equipment including air separation products

- Management of marketing researches aimed at determining market requirements and reasonability of advanced product manufacturing

Phone: (34345) 3-61-63,
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54

Mikhail A. Yakovlev

Head of certification and quality division

- Standardization

- Certification

- Quality management system

- Metrological assurance

Phone: (34345) 3-61-71,
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54

Vladimir V. Zaikin

Deputy chief engineer on labour protection, industrial and environmental safety

Phone: (34345) 3-62-28,
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54

Alexandr A. Yarmolchuk

Head of logistical and sales division

Phone: (34345) 3-63-19,
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54

Elena V. Kutueva

Head of department on invention and rationalization activities, patent branch, scientific and technical information:

- Protection of products and research and engineering development activity results by patents

- Industrial intellectual property

- Engineering creative work management

-Patent-and-information activity management

- Patent and license activity management

- Promotionmanagement

Phone: (34345) 3-62-86,
Fax: (34345) 3-17-03

Vadim B. Maksimov

Head of law department

Phone: (34345) 3-65-49
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54

Viktor P. Kompanits

Chief expert on intercorporate relations

- Entering R&DIME in integrated industrial structures

- Participation of R&DIME in commercial and non-commercial organizations

- Application, redistribution and assignation of state property to other federal and regional authority and to city property

Phone: (34345) 3-61-88,
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54

Konstantin P. Kulyabin

Chief expert on marketing and foreign economic relations

Phone: (34345) 3-64-12,
Fax: (34345) 3-06-54


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