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Quality of R&DIME’s activities including products quality is provided within the framework of Quality Management System (QMS) that has been enabled at the Institute. QMS has been certified in the voluntary certification system Military register (Certificate of Conformance No. BP., term of validity 16.02. 2012).

In QMS Institute

The director appointed a quality responsible representative and also joint staff.

An organizational structure of QMS at the enterprise provides: the quality board, scientific & technical board, meetings on quality matters with the director and in divisions, the product quality standing committee/PQSC for review of QMS activities status and making managerial decisions on behalf of authorities.

The subdivision named “Quality information & analytical subdivision” was  formed at the enterprise for systematic guidance and coordination of activities for application and maintaining QMS, and also for review of quality of products under the development and fabrication.

During work the “Quality assurance program” can be revised and added.

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